Method Spotlight: Bastien New Traditions

From the family that wrote the ever popular Bastien Piano Basics method comes a new, all-in-one series designed for today’s students. Sheet Music Plus had the opportunity to interview Lisa Bastien to find out what makes Bastien New Traditions so unique!

1. What was the inspiration behind the Bastien family developing a new method?

We were inspired to develop Bastien New Traditions by our students and their needs in today’s world. My mom (Jane), Lori and I are first and foremost full time passionate piano teachers. It became clear to us that the learning environment has changed and that a different approach to teaching piano was needed to effectively engage today’s students.

2. What makes this method unique from other methods? 

Bastien New Traditions is different in a number of ways that make it a captivating and dynamic way to teach.  It’s an ALL IN ONE Piano Course that takes the solid, time tested 50+ years of Bastien pedagogy and presents it in a fresh, modern way. Here are some of the unique features that teachers, students and parents are enjoying:

  • All In One: From the very beginning, Bastien New Traditions was designed and developed as an All In One method. Each book includes lesson, technic, theory and performance pages that are fully integrated for a streamlined, comprehensive, easy-to-use approach.
  • Teacher’s Choice: We give the teacher two options to start new students: Primer A is entirely pre-reading, while Primer B begins immediately with notation. This gives the teacher the flexibility to choose how to begin depending on the child’s age and ability.
  • IPS Technology: IPS (Interactive Practice Studio) is a free practice app that students love and can’t wait to use! It can be downloaded onto any device with the purchase of a book. It acts as a practice partner or musical metronome, provides beautiful accompaniments for the pieces, allows the students to record themselves, provides answers to the theory exercises and so much more!
  • Captivating music and accompaniments: Bastien New Traditions features outstanding solo pieces and duet accompaniments, an excellent variety of different musical styles and an abundance of familiar melodies to inspire students.
  • Integrated Pages: The integrated pages capture multiple musical elements all in one place.  For instance, when each note is introduced, the student writes the note on the staff, recognizes the note and then plays and hears the note — all on the same page. The multi-sensory aspect of Bastien New Traditions is extremely effective in helping students to learn, make connections and commit concepts to memory.
  • Short Theory Exercises: We have included short theory exercises on many of the pages that can be completed during the lesson. Theory is an important part of every lesson and the student sees how it relates to the music.
  • Inviting Pages: The pages are beautifully organized and clutter-free, with stunning watercolor illustrations.

3. What age range is this method designed for? 

The flexibility in the method means it can work for all students ages 5 and up. If I get a younger student, I always start with Primer A because it is an entire book of pre-reading. If I get an older student who seems ready to begin right away on the staff, I begin with Primer B.

4. Was this method tested on beginners before publication?

Yes! We have successfully taught and tested Bastien New Traditions over the past few years, and we are now thrilled to share this new method with you!

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4 Responses to “Method Spotlight: Bastien New Traditions”

  1. 1 oceanmeanderings April 20, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    I believe you might be related to the Bastien family who used to live in Stillwater, MN (Bill taught me instrumental music – until he retired from Stillwater High School). Estelle taught me piano. I played clarinet in the Grand Forks (ND) Symphony Orchestra, Pendleton (OR) Symphony Orchestra, and keyboards in various bands.

    I met my first wife (deceased) while playing in orchestra (flute). I met my second wife while playing in a different orchestra (violin). That just shows a person can get into trouble even with the best of associations.

    I have two daughters (Ruth Duerr and Jennifer Duerr – Jenkins) playing with groups in the Denver area. A third daughter (Anne) Diamos) plays with a group in Phoenix, AZ.

    I made more $$ playing with various groups than ever did teaching University.

    Even if you are not descended from the musicians I grew up with, I wish you well and thank you for bringing music into my life.

    Fred Duerr

    • 2 Sheet Music Plus April 24, 2017 at 10:39 am

      Hi Fred,

      Thank you for sharing your story! Here at Sheet Music Plus we were just sharing Lisa’s blog post from Kjos Publishing Company, but we’ll try to get your message to her. 😀

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