Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas for Musicians

1. Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Ukulele, Complete Pack – $49.99

Ukulele_starter_packThis great gift idea is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to play an instrument but doesn’t know how to get started. It comes with everything needed to start jamming away immediately, including the most important part – the instrument!  Ukuleles are fun and easy to play, and this pack comes with a high-quality Firebrand wood ukulele complete with carrying case and extra set of strings. Also included is Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Ukulele Course (book, CD & DVD), the bestselling instructional series for beginners of all ages. The course covers everything from basic fundamentals (such as how to hold the instrument) to songs in various musical styles – you can be your own teacher and learn at your own pace.

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Ukulele is all the rage this holiday season! With this songbook and CD set, you can play ukulele with six time Grammy winner Daniel Ho.   This is the perfect accompaniment gift for the ukulele starter pack or it is great on its own for someone who has already learned the basics of ukulele playing. With a little practice and perseverance, you will be well on your way to learning and mastering this traditional Hawaiian lute instrument.
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3. Finale SongWriter – $49.95
Finale SongWriter is a great gift for the singer-songwriter in your life. With multiple input methods, including your mouse, computer keyboard or MIDI device, it’s easy to create engraver-quality sheet music. Finale SongWriter also plays your music back, and will create an mp3 that you can share with your family, friends, or the whole world!
Music Information Specialist and Bassoonist
I like the Hammerhead music stand light because it’s portable, bright, and useful in lots of different situations besides playing music.  I keep one in my music bag at all times as it’s good to have when I’m reading on the train and want more light.  Or, when I’m camping and need a light to read in my tent.

For musicians, this stand light is a lot better than the large heavy ones that we are used to seeing that sometimes burn out in the middle of a show or cause the stand to fall over from being too top-heavy.  The Hammerhead keeps a low-profile but puts out huge light, perfect for musicians on the go.

Digital Print Publishing Marketing Manager and Percussionist
The Disney Solos Play Alongs are great for the junior high and early high school player.  They are published for nearly every band and orchestra instrument – so you are sure to find something for the budding instrumentalist in your life! They come with an accompaniment CD so your child can play along with their very own band. They feature 12 favorite Disney tunes from movies like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules and more! And because they’re written at the intermediate level, they’ll give your child a little boost to practice, especially while on winter vacation. I would have loved this when I was learning to play as a kid!
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As a classical bassoon player, picking up the saxophone and playing in a jazz combo has been both a huge challenge and a lot of fun. Encourage your classical music friends to stretch themselves by learning to improvise with Jamey Aebersold’s great beginner play along method, “How to Play Jazz and Improvise”.
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Mozart Mouse, Beethoven Bear, Clara Schumann Cat and all of the Music for Little Mozarts plush animals make great gifts for the young and young-at-heart musician! All of my beginning piano students really like them, and I even give them to my older students. I have a few students who are retired and just starting their music lessons. It helps bring out their inner child and their grandchildren enjoy seeing the toys on the piano while Grandma is playing. These toys are good for all ages!
*Make great stocking stuffers!
Customer Service Representative and Piano Teacher

8. Sleep – $17.99


Any fans of sleep out there? …how about choral music? … books with gorgeous artwork? If any of these ring true for you or your loved ones, this book is an ideal gift. Using the text from the Eric Whitacre piece titled “Sleep,” this is a lovely book that can stand on its own, or serve as a fitting companion to the recording. It makes a great gift for choral fans, children and families, as well as all who enjoy artfully illustrated books.

As a bonus, also give the recording as a gift.


Light & Gold by Eric Whitacre (includes recording of Sleep) – $16.98

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9. Qwik Time Quartz Metronome – Credit Card Size – $12.95


The pursuit of acquiring impeccable rhythm is an essential part of building great musicianship. Now it’s even easier to take a metronome wherever you go with Qwik Time’s credit card sized version. This metronome makes a great holiday gift and is perfect for musicians of all skill levels!
*Makes a great stocking stuffer!

Brendan Lai-Tong
Email Marketing Manager and Trombonist

10. Korg Combo Digital Tuner and Metronome with Folding Stand – $40.00
Korg_metronome_tunerThe Korg TM-50 Tuner and Metronome is an essential item for all musicians. This tuner is great because it covers the two most important aspects of music-making: intonation and time. It has 15 different rhythm patterns to work on, and it is very accurate and easy to read with an LCD display. It can also play each chromatic pitch out loud so you can work on matching intonation, a great tool for beginners. Advance your musical abilities today with this great tuner!

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