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Music and Sports: Why Do Both? (via Alfred Music)

Commentary by Austin Hennen Vigil

Music and sports go hand-in-hand better than you might think.

Many experts in the music and sports fields believe that with the amount of time it takes to master either an instrument or a sport, it is impossible to truly master both. They are too distinct from one another, and no one has enough free time to become a master of both. Featured in the article, Micheline Ostermeyer, a French Olympic gold medalist in the shot put, and professional concert pianist, is a rare case of an individual who has mastered both an instrument and a sport. She said that the skills that it takes to master the shot put, helped her in her mastery of the piano. Both music and sports can benefit one another, and getting better in one skill makes it easier to master the other.

Playing organized sports from kindergarten through college, and playing both saxophone and guitar since the age of 9, I can confidently say sports helped my musical ability, and music helped my athletic ability. The creativity, improvisation, timing, attention to detail, execution, and self-discipline I developed when playing guitar and saxophone benefitted me on the sports field/court. Skills I learned when playing sports, such as dealing with stress and anxiety, motivation that fuels improvement, going the extra mile when tired, focus, teamwork, leadership, and confidence helped me during performance and practice on my saxophone and guitar.

For more information on the benefits of participating in both music and sports, read the original blog post written by Liz Hinley on the Alfred Music blog.

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