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Sing Better as You Age

By Judy Pringle

Sing Better As You Age

Sing Better As You Age

A music retailer is asked every day for assistance with repertoire.  It can be both challenging and amusing.  For example:  I need a thrilling SATB anthem for Easter Sunday with brass accompaniment, and the sopranos can’t sing above an ‘e.’ Can you make a suggestion? 

We smile at this request, but it can be a reality for a choral director.  Those of us who conduct adult church and community choirs deal with the aging voice constantly.  It is a fact that with age, our singing mechanism does not improve.  Yet, it is my experience that senior singers are some of the most devoted choristers, and the joy of singing is integral to their lives.

If we, as directors, wish to optimize this lifelong joy for our choristers, and ensure that the aging singer is a benefit to the ensemble, we need to offer tools that will optimize the singing voice as the body naturally and inevitably ages. Continue reading ‘Sing Better as You Age’

Music Ministers – PREPARE!

By Brendan Lai-Tong

Those of you who are music ministers know how challenging it is to coordinate musicians, music and schedules to fit the needs of your church. We recently asked Judy Pringle from Canadian Choral Centre for her expert opinion on the matter.

Judy has served in the Church Music Ministry for over 30 years as a choral director, organist and pianist. In addition to church music, Judy enjoyed a professional singing career on stage and television.  In 1984, Judy founded Canadian Choral Centre, a retail music store in Winnipeg, Manitoba of which she is President.  In 2012, Judy joined Sheet Music Plus’ team as Director of Choral Marketing.

We asked Judy if she could provide us some examples of what she has used to be a more prepared and successful music minister.  Here is her response:

Judy Pringle - Canadian Choral Centre

Judy Pringle – Canadian Choral Centre

Early in my church music ministry I served at Trinity United Church in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.  The Continue reading ‘Music Ministers – PREPARE!’

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